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    Asif Ameer
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    22 August 1982
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When I start working on logo design project, I consider spending a lot of time on understanding the organization and audience. Once I have a thorough understanding as a freelance logo designer I follow these principles.
Logo design


Logo design must be simple and clean enough to be flexible, if the logo looks busy or confusing then to me it’s not recognizable. Logos should be kept clean and simple in order to be recognizable, timeless, and versatile. A complex logo is difficult to remember and therefore difficult to recognize when you see it again.
Logo design


Most of big multinational companies logos most of the time are simple, with a blink of an eye one can recognize the company. Clean and simple logos are the easiest to make minor tweaks to while maintaining a recognizable brand.
Logo design


With the passage of time most of companies change their logos, its natural but some logos remain same and make recognizable identity. I believe in logos which never changes. Basic steps to create logos which remain unchanged for unlimited amount of periods are Simple shape, No overly complicated graphical elements, no gradients, limited colors, logo easily identifiable when scaled down.
Logo design


When I start designing logo my first approach is to create design which fits everywhere in different sizes and fit across various platforms and within different contexts. Logo should be simple so that it looks appropriate in many different settings. It must be legible at small sizes and able to be printed in monochrome.
Logo design


Audience matters if you the design doesn’t resonate with desired audience then it’s hard to leave the impact. Defining your target audience starts with broad demographics (age, gender, marital status, geographic location, and household income), based on the markets your business is equipped to serve.

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